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Hi, my name is Sheila, and welcome to my blog! A little bit about me first, I suppose. As you might have guessed (by the cryptic URL), I’m a happy mom, enjoying our recent little addition to the family, so the current *updated* roster is:

Nora: 1 week old, tiny, precious, perfect (ok I’m obviously still riding this wave of endorphins)

Liam: 4 years old, the prettiest green eyes anybody has ever seen, such a quiet little guy (I’d like to say “introspective”)

Violet: 7½ years old, not quiet, in fact is greatly enjoying making use of her ever-expanding vocabulary to volunteera thorough assessment of each object, event or person the world tosses her way

Henry: (husband) 33½ years old, web developer, highly-skilled grill-master of all meats vegetables and fruits you-name-it, falls asleep 45 minutes into the movie every time, says he “got the gist of it”

So that’s the crew, and you’ll notice there is no blurb for yours truly. Well that’s because this blog will serve as my bio (Narcissism? What’s that?) as I navigate life as a parent in an attempt to avoid (completely) sacrificing my passion for style, fashion and cultural trends. I’m trying to uncover some answers to the big questions here, like: What is a stylish mom, anyway? and: How can I be one? and: Does anyone care?

Stay posted for the answers! Or witness my slow deterioration! A chronicle of waning energy! A tragically fracturing psyche in real-time! Who knows!

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